But, I Had Aces!

I've been obsessing over one poker hand from Friday night. Not on how I played it but the reaction it got.

The guy to the left of me either just called or raised, I can't remember that part. I looked down to have pocket Aces so I raised.

He said to me, "You must be pretty proud of those Aces."

I said something like, "Yes, I am."

The hand played out and I won. He had pocket Queens and he was bitter that he lost. Really bitter.

I told him, "You knew what I had."

To which he replied, "Well, the way you play, you could have had anything..."

He then brought it up the rest of the night like it was my fault.

OK, let's look at the facts.

I had the better starting hand.

It held up.

Dude needed to let it go. But, I bet I hear about it next time.

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