Movie Review - Highlander, The Source

I loved the TV series The Highlander. I thought it was well written, well acted, had some great characters and nicely developed story arcs. I also thought Adrian Paul was the best Immortal out there.

Poor Adrian Paul - clearly, he's broke.

There's no other reason he would make a movie as bad as this one. When I say bad, I mean horrible. The acting was bad (especially the chick). The storyline was nearly non-existent. The special effects looked like they were done by middle school students.

I can just picture the conversation:

"I know, let's have the actor stand totally still and have the bad guy move all around him then we'll speed it up on replay and blur it. It'll look really cool!"

"Yeah, and we'll put lots of white make-up on the bad guy so he looks like a ghost. This is going to rock!"

Without going too much into the plot (because two sentences would cover it), I have something to say about the women involved with Immortals. For non fanboys and girls, Immortals can't have children and don't age. OK, if I could get Adrian Paul frozen at age 35 (hell, even 40), willing to live with me forever and there was no possibility of pregnancy...well, I'd say it would better than winning the lottery. And, we'd never leave the house. (I know, fictional character, can't happen, dang it.)

I only stayed with it to the end because it was late at night and I was too lazy to get off the couch. Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.

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