Book Review - The Golden Compass

I wanted to read The Golden Compass before seeing the movie. I've heard the movie's not that great, however, so now I'm in no rush on that.

OK, maybe I'm just thick but I don't get how this book is going to turn kids into atheists. Yes, the church is mentioned and there are some no so nice people associated with it but it's pretty much your standard fantasy book.

Young, precocious heroine doesn't realize she's the "one" with a destiny. Magic abounds, people plot, grownups underestimate the children, etc. There is a unique touch, though. Each human has a daemon companion that represents their soul. The soul dies with the human. OK, that's religious stuff.

Maybe the anti-God stuff is more obvious in the next two books of the trilogy.

Overall, I thought this book was OK but not exceptional.

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