Wii Elbow

Steven, Jim and I set up the new Wii last night and Steven and I played a few games before I headed home.

Bowling was just like real life for me. I got it in the pocket but couldn't throw it hard enough. Why that's so when you're not actually tossing a real ball, I don't know. Steven just flung it and got lots of pin fall despite missing the pocket. At least I broke 100 each game.

Golf was not like real life. I could drive great on the Wii. My short game sucked. That's actually the best thing in real life for me. Not that it's anything to brag about. I have to say, those virtual greens are really fast. I think I five putted one hole.

I tried tennis on my own. Yeah, not so good at that.

Steven and I also tried baseball. Another game I'm not very good at and neither is Steven. We could both pitch pretty well but were terrible at hitting. I just can't judge when to swing so I was either in front of or behind the ball on most pitches.

By the time we were done last night, my arm was sore. Especially, my elbow. Steven and I talked on the phone this morning and, while my elbow was still a little sore, his elbow and shoulder were hurting.

That didn't stop us from playing again today. We tried Mario Brothers Olympics. We both were bad at the Javelin Toss. The swimming was truly horrific for me, though. I kept losing energy, couldn't figure out which way to move the controls and finally threw a small hissy fit that comprised of me saying, "This game sucks!" and trying to toss the controls on to the chair. That would have been a bit more dramatic if I hadn't had them attached to me by the wrist band.

Steven talked to one of his buddies tonight and found out we're not alone in our injuries. His friend and his family members who tried out their new Wii were also complaining of sore elbows, shoulders and generally being worn out. It's a surprisingly good workout for a video game.

I'm going to have to do some of the training exercises to get better or I'm going to be really frustrated playing. I did create my own character. You get to personalize it and I tried to make her look like me. I called her Princess, of course.

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