Holiday Party

We had our work holiday party yesterday afternoon. We were supposed to have it last week but had some server issues so we postponed. The fun of working in IT.

We bailed out of work at 1:30 and headed over to Dave & Busters for some munchies and lots of game playing. We bought everyone $20 worth of credits on their game cards and let them go.

It was fun for everyone and interesting to see what people played. Andrea comes across as peaceful liberal but she went to the shooting games. A bunch of the boys raced cars against each other and there was a grudge match of one-on-one basketball from our last outing to D & B.

One of the "kids" made the mistake of saying he could beat me in electronic trivia. I told him, "I will own you, Junior!" We could have up to six people play at once and I was the definite champ of the day as we all played many games. Of course, I was gracious about it. Not.

We ended up with over 5,000 prize tickets and cashed them in for a really nice poker set that we're going to raffle off tomorrow. Everyone had a great time and it was very nice to get out of the office and just hang out with our co-workers in a social setting.

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