Not Cool

Sugar Daddy told me just yesterday that I need a garage…

So, I walked out to my car this morning and saw something on the ground behind it. I picked it up and it was my #48 dashboard cover. I was a little puzzled and thought that maybe I accidentally pulled it out of the trunk last night when I was taking a package out.

I popped the trunk and threw it in.

Then, I walked up to my car door. Well, almost to the car door. The first thing that caught my eye was that my back passenger door was cracked open. The second thing I noticed was my completely busted in window.


Yep, I was a victim of a smash and grab. I have so much crap floating around in the back seat that they might have thought there was actually something of value. The whole interior was rifled through but all that they took was some of the change out of the console (might have been five whole dollars worth) and my CD case.

The CD case is a bummer since it held pretty much all of my Mark Mulligan, Jimmy Buffett, Kelly McGuire, Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson and other country CDs. I think there were about 60 in all. Fortunately, they're all on my computer and on my iPod.

I checked the trunk and I think it was just too overwhelming for them to even search through. It's well known that it's pretty much a traveling junkyard what with the golf clubs, foam cowboy hat, blow up doll, various free t-shirts, camp chairs, dart set…I'm not sure what all is in there, to be honest.

I was actually pretty calm about it all. I called it in to the police department and the dispatcher said I wasn't the only one to call today from my hood. I was probably due since both of my neighbors had their cars broken into in the past year and I should have kept my car cleaned out so there was nothing that looked tempting.

My insurance company hooked me up with a service to find someone who will come out and fix your window while you're at work. Of the three companies I could choose, none of them could come out today.

OK, that's when I got irritated. I really don't want to leave my car outside tonight with no window and the only point of taping something over it would be too keep the neighborhood cats out of there. It's not like it would stop anyone from getting back in.

Sigh, again.

On a positive note, though, Steven offered to take my car this afternoon and vacuum out all of the glass. He also bagged up the assorted crap so it will be easy to clean everything out tonight when I get home. That was nice of him and I really appreciated it since I wasn't so excited about doing it.

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