There's A Reason For The Nickname...

Sugar Daddy's last day at work for the year was last Thursday. I brought his Christmas present to work but left it in my car because it was kind of bulky.

This is what I got him:

It's an R2-D2 voice activated robot. My friend Chris has one and it's really cool. He moves, he beeps, he reacts when you mention character names and dances while playing the cantina music.

I told him his present was in the car and he said mine was in his car. We headed out at the end of the day to do the exchange.

I had R2 wrapped up and the batteries in a gift bag for him.

He had boxes for me. Boxes and boxes and boxes. I'm not entirely sure of the specifics but he said they were birthday presents and Christmas presents from last year that he didn't give me.

There were four big unwrapped boxes. Turns out, he signed up for a wine club thinking I would dig that. I don't think he realized what he was getting into and he meant to cancel it but didn't do that for a year. It was a quarterly club that shipped one dozen bottles each time.

Another box, that was wrapped, looked suspiciously like the size of a wine cooler. It was and holds one dozen bottles.

Do the math - that was 48 bottles of wine that he gave me with storage for 12. I gave away 8 bottles to some friends which left me with 40. I loaded the bottom shelf of my fridge and also packed in a bunch on my pantry shelf. I can only drink so fast and the ones in the pantry are going to have to be drunk or moved to a cooler spot come spring. My house will just get too warm to store them properly.

But wait, that's not all! There was another unwrapped box from Amazon that he told me was a set of ornaments. He said if I didn't like them, it was no big deal because he didn't pay too much for them.

Not done yet. There were two more wrapped boxes that turned out to be really cool picture frames that are going to look great in my beach bathroom.

He ain't called Sugar Daddy for nothing...

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