Lost Weekend

I had all sorts of plans for this past weekend. I was going to clean out the closet, finish a couple of books and maybe even pull some weeds in the back patio.

Um, yeah, I pretty much did none of that.

I started out OK on Saturday trying to finish one of my books. As I lounged on the couch while reading, I had a little case of the eye droops so I decided to take a catnap. It was more of a King of the Jungle nap as I woke up nearly 4 hours later. Pretty much blew the whole afternoon and early evening.

Yesterday, I did manage to get my butt to the store in the morning. It's amazing how much an incentive having only one roll of toilet paper left can get you out of the house. Then, some of us went for breakfast/brunch at 11 AM to check out a new place for potential BOD Meetings.

How long were we there? Well, the sun was starting to go down and they were lighting the candles on the table for some evening ambiance before we left. I'd say it was close to five hours in all. Maybe closer to six. It was a very good time, though!

By the time I got home, it was time for dinner and football. I still haven't finished that book, the closet is still overflowing and the patio, well, that might wait until spring before I actually get back there.

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