Too Funny!

The Rocket Scientist and I have been competing (sort of) on weekly football picks. I pick them for my club league and use his picks for the work one. (BTW, we started towards the end of the season but I'm ahead 4-2. Not that I'm overly competitive or anything that I feel compelled to mention it.) He's been telling me about this ESPN guy who is going up against his wife each week. The guy is all about sports and his wife couldn't care less but she consistently beats him.

This week, the wife wrote the guy's weekly column. You can read it here. It's hilarious.

I was busting up in my office and my buddy Dave came in and asked why I was smirking. I started reading excerpts aloud to him but finally just sent him the link.

After reading the column, I want to hang out with these people. I think it would be a hoot.

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