It's Officially Winter

I have declared it officially winter here in Arizona.

What are the factors that led to that declaration?

1. I had to break out my leather jacket, knit gloves and scarf for the club Holiday party on Saturday. OK, the scarf was mostly to make the outfit but I've been wearing the jacket every day since then.

2. The heat's on. I think there was a week between A/C and heat which is pretty long for these parts.

3. I'm in my winter jammies. They're quite similar to my summer jammies except for the critical addition of socks. Cold feet and me do not a happy match make.

4. Couch time now includes covering up with my Jimmie Johnson blanket.

5. My first fire of the season is merrily crackling away as I type. I love having fires!

6. It's dark when I drive in to work in the morning and dark when I leave at night.

BTW, if you're wondering what temperatures make it winter, it's been in the rainy 50s for several days and down into the 40s at night. BRRRRR!

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