Very Neat Experience

I went to the library tonight to pick up a bunch of books that were on hold. As I was taking them off the shelf, I made eye contact with a little girl who was playing with one of the library stools.

She was adorable! Blond hair, big eyes, dressed in a red jumper and white tights. Just cute as can be.

I said "Hi."

She replied with, "I want to show you Goldilocks and the three bears." I was a little taken aback and asked, "What?"

She told me again that she wanted to show them to me then held up her hand for me to take. She was quite insistent. I held out my finger to her and she took it and started to drag me away. I made a frantic head swivel and asked her, "Does your Mom know you want to show me that?" Fortunately, I made eye contact with whom I presumed to be her Mother as I was being pulled away.

We went all the way across the library to the children's section, over the bridge and all the way to the table that had the wooden puzzles on it. Halfway there, I looked behind me and was relieved to see her Mom coming with us. I was picturing getting accused of child napping.

Sure enough, there was a puzzle with Goldilocks and the three bears. The little girl then proceeded to tell me about the puppet show she just saw with them in it and we discussed how Goldilocks broke the bears' chair, ate their porridge and took a nap in the bed.

Her Mom apologized to me for being commandeered but I really didn't mind. I asked how old her daughter was and I was amazed to hear she just turned two in November. This was one advanced child. She told me a story about a family friend who fell off an orange ladder and broke her wrist. She also pointed to her own wrist just to make sure I got it.

The Mom asked me if I had any little ones and I told her I had a big one who was 6' 4". She asked how old he was and, when I told her, expressed her amazement that I could have a child that old.

I will never get tired of that reaction.

After watching the little girl do a couple of puzzles a few times, I had to excuse myself because my arm was cramping from holding my seven library books.

Yes, seven books. I did my usual Amazon list browsing and put a bunch of books on hold. How was I to know they were all going to become available at once? I gots me lots of reading to do...

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