Cute, But Not Cute Enough

Sugar Daddy, Andrea and I took lunch over to one of our former co-worker's house this week. Maria's home with her three week old baby and we were excited to see the little tyke. Her, too, but mostly the baby.

I got to hold him right away. It's amazing how light those little babies feel. He's probably about 9 pounds but felt like nothing. Andrea didn't want to hold him because she fears the hand off what with the floppy neck and whatnot. Sugar Daddy had no desire at all to hold the baby. That wasn't too surprising.

Maria offered to take him back so I could eat my sandwich but I told her I would hang on to him until he started screaming. I did and she did. She at least got through half of her sandwich before he decided that his pacifier was no longer going to pacify him.

Wow, can that kid scream! He also turned the color of his face to maroon in under three seconds. She said he's actually gotten it to purple on occasion.

She's pretty tired but very happy and we're happy for her. He's a cute kid and he eventually sacked out in her arms. There is something incredibly soothing about watching a baby sleep.

Soothing as that is and cute as newborns are, there's nothing like seeing a fussy baby to make me realize I don't want another one of those little creatures. I'll stick with visiting, thank you very much!

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