Movie Review - Tin Man

I think I've figured out the rule for watching the SciFi Channel.

TV Series – watch.

Battlestar Galactica rocks, Eureka is sweet and funny, Ghost Hunters is at least fun to mock, The Dresden Files was well done and Flash Gordon…well, OK, that one's not so great but I still watch it.

Movies and Miniseries – don't watch.

I've already written about how bad Highlander: The Source was. Horrible! There've been a couple other shows that I recorded then bailed on after 10 minutes because they were so lame. So lame that I don't even remember their names.

However, I watched all of Tin Man. And, wish I hadn't bothered. Man, it was just really, really boring. And predictable. And boring. I know I said that but it bears repeating. The only thing that got me through the first two episodes was that I watched them while wrapping presents and doing my Christmas cards so I was a fairly captive audience. I watched the last part out of curiosity to see if anything exciting would happen. Not so much did.

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