Another Attempt at Better Health

Our company has started another wellness competition. They're truly focused on improving our health, not only because it keeps insurance costs down but because our corporate mission is to improve world health and that mission starts at home.

This one has departments going up against in each other in two categories: activity points and percentage of weight loss. Points are counted at 1 per minute of activity that's outside your normal day. Each department needed at least four people in each category and you could participate in both categories if you wish. Each activity will be scored individually then combined to determine the ultimate winner.

We got 100% participation in our department, which is a first for just about anything. I'm not saying that changing the winning team's prize from the original idea of lunch with Senior Management to a paid day off increased interest but it surely didn't hurt. ;-)

Since I've been saying that I need to get back to eating well, drinking less and exercising, this was perfect timing. I actually didn't have much of a choice because I got made Team Captain without a chance to say no. I did get a Co-Captain and she's an exercise freak so we make a good pair for this event.

I like the department as a team component. It's easier to motivate the people you see every day and it's been fun seeing the interaction generated from the event so far. It gives us a chance to actually display some care for each other.

I'm only doing the weight part because there's just no way I'm ever going to be a daily exerciser. But, I am getting back on my stationary bike (after I buy four new batteries, doh!) while I watch TV. I also started tracking my calories on The Daily Plate which is a very handy tool that gives you a nice breakdown of carbs/protein/fat/fiber. You can also track exercise on it as well.

The contest ends in ten weeks with one weigh-in between then. Wish us luck!


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