Remind Me Not To Do That Again

So, the weather is quite nice right now and I had the front door open with just the security screen door between us and the axe murderers. All was quite peaceful until George started fussing.

I paused the TV and investigated but found nothing to indicate what her issue was so I went back to the TV. A few minutes later, she was hissing at the door so I checked it out again.

Turns out, there was this incredibly fluffy cat right on the other side of the door taunting her. Seriously, it was a total bully. Trying to save my baby from distress, I partially closed the door but she wouldn't get out of the way so I reached down to pick her up.


Dang, that picking up idea was a huge mistake. I not only got hissed at by George, I got scratched like you would not believe. It hurt like a mofo, in fact.

I would like to think that she felt bad because she did move away a moment after the scratching so I was able to close the door and she did come investigate my injury after I had to run it under cold water to make it stop bleeding. And hurting.

Moments after that, she was atop her condo and falling asleep. Really? You nearly open up your Mommy's vein then go to sleep?

I almost think you don't love me, George.


Anonymous said…
Scott got a double scratch like that on his leg from Espy...she just seemed to freak out and jumped on the arm of his chair getting his leg in the process. Those totally hurt!
julie said…
make sure you keep it clean. you know where those nail have been and i don't think george washes her paws!!

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