Bertha's Cafe

Before Sugar Daddy retired, well, actually even a while before that, we tried out Bertha's Cafe for lunch. My memory is a little hazy but I think Andrea made us go there once and then Maria had us pick up lunch to take to her house when Harrison was a little tyke.

Sugar Daddy didn't like it at all so it never made it into our lunch rotation. I was indifferent so it didn't matter much to me. There were too many work people there that I didn't want to see when we did go anyway.

I met Andrea, Maria and Harrison there for lunch this week at Bertha's new location and I think it's been over two years since I'd eaten there. I'm not so indifferent now - I liked it a lot.

The new spot has much more room than the old. It had been so cramped you felt like everyone was sitting family style with ten people at a table for six. At the new spot, we got a nice, big table right next to the toy chest and kids' table so Harrison was amused for a while. Or, as amused as a three year old having lunch with three grownups can be.

I had the Turkey Sandwich. In theory, that probably sounds pretty boring. But, it was actually quite flavorful with avocado, bacon, turkey breast, Havarti, lettuce and onions on toasted wheat bread. There may have been more veggies in there, too. It was quite stacked.

But, the best part was the cookie that came with the sandwich. It was just a little one but it was so yummy! Chocolate with chips and tiny marshmallows. I felt like I achieved Nirvana just by savoring it. It was the perfect size, too. Not so big that you feel guilty for blowing your diet but just big enough to make you feel like you had dessert. Harrison seemed to enjoy his mini Red Velvet cupcake, too. So, the desserts are a must-have.

We've also started using Bertha's for some catering at work and folks have enjoyed the sandwiches and salads. I give it a thumbs up and I wouldn't mind a follow-up visit soon.


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