The Bob Karwin Report - You Should Listen!

People who know me fairly well know that I HATE to admit that anyone is smarter than I. If you don't believe me on that statement, ask Steven or Sugar Daddy or The Rocket Scientist or Unruly Julie or, well, the list goes on.

There is one guy that I'm willing to concede that may be smarter than I, but I'm very willing to admit that he's far more clever. That guy would be old What's His Name? (For the non-Parrot Heads reading this, What's His Name? translates to Bob Karwin.)

Bob's a lawyer by day, Trop Rock musician by day and night and is fortunate enough to be married to a wonderful woman and have two gorgeous and well behaved children. He's also quite the pundit and the last person you want to heckle while he's on stage. He'll eviscerate you in less than a heartbeat and you may not even realize it.

So, here's the reason for this hype about Karwin. He recently started a show at Beachfront Radio which is an internet station that features a lot of wonderful independent Trop Rock musicians. It's a very cool station so check it out.

What's His Name?

But, be sure to check it out on Mondays at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST when Karwin is hosting the Bob Karwin Report. You can also follow along on the Bob Karwin Report Facebook page. Bob's on there chatting with one and all and adding relevant links as the report goes on. And, you never know which one of the aforementioned Trop Rock musicians will chime in during the commentary as well.

Here's the promo message about Bob and the show:

Bob Karwin is an attorney, singer, songwriter and generally over-opinionated loudmouth. As a long time registered Libertarian, he tends to view the mainstream political players from both ends of the spectrum with skepticism. But, for Bob, it's not all politics and conspiracy theories. He is never too far away from a 20 minute rant on American Idol or the utter joy of terrible movie sequels. His show, The Bob Karwin Report airs Mondays at 8:00p.m. EST, beginning April 18, 2011, exclusively on Beachfront Radio. Tune in on line at

Topics run the gamut from odd musical acts, sports, politics, TV shows (he really does love American Idol but I don't hold that against him), movies and whatever tickles his fancy.

Do yourself a favor and tune it in. You may not always agree with Bob but you will be entertained.


K T Cat said…
Thanks for the tip! I'll give it a try.

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