My Beef With American Idol

I don't watch American Idol though I have in the past. But, only because I lived with Sugar Daddy and he watched it and so did my friend who cut our hair so I had to see it at her house, too. The last season I paid any attention to was the one with the two Johns and I liked the red-headed crooner kid. I sometimes wonder what happened to him but never enough to google him.

Nowadays, I am mostly annoyed with American Idol. As a Project Manager, I'm offended by their lack of time management. Seriously, after all these years, can't they figure out how to finish on time? If I missed EVERY single deadline, I'd get fired.

Each show that I DVR that's after it (and that's a lot because it's on nearly every frakking day) captures a minute or two of AI. So, I'm subjected to shots of the judges looking sad or happy and people crying or pretending to like each other. Oh, and Ryan Seacrest and don't get me started there. And, because it runs long, my show then runs long and I miss the cute little post-credit bits or the teasers from the next week.

Sure, I could extend each of my shows by two minutes but then AI would win. Bastages.

As annoying as their poor management skills are, there's one thing that really blisters my hide. It's the fact that I have to see JLo's hair and it instantly inflames my hair jealousy to the nth degree.

It's not fair. Not only is she pretty, she has this fantastic hair. Every show. And, I want it. Because, even on my best hair day, my do doesn't even come close to matching hers for fantasticness.

Me want...the hair, not the woman

Man, I can't wait for them to cancel this show.


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