Oh What A Feeling, Eh

One of my Canadian buds, who works in IT by day but plays music and hockey by night, turned me on to this series of releases. Oh What A Feeling: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music was released over the years to celebrate the Juno Awards. For those not clued into the Great White North, the Junos are like our Grammy Awards in the US.

Altogether, there's 14.8 hours of music from 225 songs. I listened to all of it over a few days on my Mac while at work. It freaked people out a bit because I'm the one who wears my iPod earbuds and never hears people talking to me and not the one making the noise.

What a great collection of music!

Sure, there were a few songs that weren't my cup of tea but I'd willingly listen to 95% of the music again. And, I probably shall. Actually, make that 97% because there are really very few klunkers.

Some random thoughts from my listening experience:
  • Canada can keep Celine Dion. (My bud thinks Quebec should keep her as that's not really Canada and I paraphrase his comments.)
  • Bruce Cockburn is a musical stud.
  • I had no idea that Signs wasn't originally done by Tesla. I love that song. The original group is Five Man Electrical Band.
  • Whatever happened to Gino Vannelli?
  • I was reminded that KD Lang has an amazing set of pipes. I need to get her new CD.
  • Michael Buble also has a great voice. Which I "knew" but really didn't pay much attention to the fact. I should get some of his stuff.
  • While I thought that Lunatic Fringe was vaguely familiar, I was greatly impressed when one of my co-workers came in to my office and immediately identified it as being a Red Rider song. (No, Red Rider is not at all a familiar name to me.)
  • Seasons in the Sun is still one of the cheesiest songs ever written.
  • Only surpassed by Having My Baby.
  • The songs that made me immediately smile because I love them so much were Great Big Sea's Ordinary Day and Consequence Free and Tom Cochrane's Life is a Highway.
  • People/bands that I either forgot or didn't know were Canadian: Bachman-Turner Overdrive, The Band, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Caroline Dawn Johnson, Crash Test Dummies, The Guess Who, Men Without Hats, Nick Gilder, Paul Anka, Steppenwolf and Terri Clark.
I highly encourage any music fan to check out this fabulous collection of songs.


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