Dined Out and Then Some

My buddy T agreed to go to one of the Dining Out For Life spots for lunch today and our friend Dave went with us. We chose The Stockyards and all add the Prime Rib Sandwich. Oh, my, is it ever wonderful!

D'Arcy McGee's was our dinner choice. The Rocket Scientist and our friends, Barb and John, hit it up for some big beers and good food. As is typical, TRS and I ordered the same thing. We are really almost identically the same person. ;-)

There were some Dining Out For Life volunteers working the dinner crowd. They gave out envelopes where you could add to your automatic donation from the meal if you chose to. You could also just fill out the flap on the envelope and give it back. Either way, you got entered into a prize drawing.

Both Barb and I threw in some extra cash and she filled out forms for both her and John. TRS told me to fill his out for him and I made a joke about putting TRS-Pfister as his name. He didn't think it was funny but Barb and I did.

I did fill it out for him because the prizes are cool. First place is a $1,500 trip to Sonoma for a winery gig. TRS doesn't drink wine so if either of us win, the trip is mine. Second place is a piece of jewelry. TRS doesn't wear jewelry so if either of us win, the piece is mine. Third place is $250 in Cox dollars. We both have Cox but he didn't seem to excited about it so that might end up mine, too.

Gee, I hope I, er, we, win something!


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