Proud To Be A Parrot Head

When people find out that I'm a Parrot Head, they usually have one of two reactions.

One is pure confusion. They barely know who Jimmy Buffett is let alone know that his followers were deemed Parrot Heads all those years ago by Timothy B. Schmit.

The second is an "aha" moment where the "aha" implies that my friends and I spend all of our time drinking Margaritas and partying. Little do they know that I'm not a Margarita girl.

One day, I hope the most common reaction will be one of "that's so cool and thanks for all you do". Because we do a lot. Don't get me wrong, we party and adult beverages are often involved but we are more than a group of drunks with money.

I'm reminded of how much we do when our parent organization, Parrot Heads in Paradise, puts on the annual State of the Phlock report. It came out today and it makes me very, very proud.

Let me quote for you:

With the economy still in a stagnant state, Parrot Head Clubs collectively raised for and/or donated more than $2.9 million to charitable organizations in 2010, an increase of 5.5% over the previous year. Equally significant, Parrot Heads carried on the tradition of volunteerism as 2010 saw an increase of 15.8% as chapters worldwide donated an estimated 215,000 man-hours to philanthropic and environmental activities.

That's right. $2.9 MILLION. Pretty frakking awesome! 215,000 volunteer hours is an incredible number as well.

And, we're just getting bigger and better:

In what has become the norm, the "ParrotHead Nation" continued to grow and prosper as we added a total of twelve new chapters to our ranks. What began with the Atlanta Parrot Head Club 20 years ago has grown exponentially as we ended 2010 with an all-time high of 240 chapters in the United States , Canada and Australia ... 3 different countries, 47 states and 4 Canadian provinces. Our total membership showed another increase of 3.1% with almost 28,000 dedicated, fun-loving Parrot Heads amongst the ranks. Again, it's apparent that the "ParrotHead Nation" is not only alive and well, but continues to thrive.

We've had this opportunity to make a significant impact on our communities thanks to Buffett for attracting like minded individuals to some of his causes. You can't have an official Parrot Head Club without doing charity events. It's a serious requirement.

We've also had this opportunity thanks to people like my friend, Joel, who helped start the first Parrot Head Club in Atlanta. The first of many and still an incredible club that is a fine role model for all of the clubs out there.

Fins up, Parrot Heads! We done good in 2010! Can't wait to see what we do collectively in 2011!


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