Book Review - Voices of Dragons

Voices of DragonsVoices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An alternative timeline story from the teen section of the library. The nukes of WWII awakened the sleeping dragons. Literally. The world is still recovering when a war between dragons and humans breaks out. A peace treaty is established with parts of the world becoming dragon territory and no crossing of the border is permitted. Years pass.

Kay is a 17 year old living in a town on the border of the dragon territory. She likes to flirt with danger and a mishap causes her to be on the wrong side of the border where she meets a young dragon. The two become friends and, when the human military hawks decide to provoke another war with the dragons, they do their best to stop it.

Vaughn does a good job of developing characters as well as stories. Kay and her friends are typical teenagers; worried about dating, pushing their limits with their parents and trying to get through the sometimes agonizing teenage years.

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