Pretty Sure It Was The Axe Murderer...

...or maybe a raccoon because they scare me, too.

George and I were awakened at 1:30 this morning. At first, I couldn't figure out why. But, then I realized it was from someone tapping on my front security door. Or, scratching. I couldn't quite tell but they weren't actually knocking.

We both left the bedroom to investigate. I only made it to the kitchen where I tried to peek through the big window next to the door without being seen.

George bounded out into the dining room, growled then jumped into her kitty condo which is in front of the big window. She repeatedly looked out the window then looked back at me.

I actually said, "George, is it a human out there?" like she could tell me. I swear she was trying to tell me something and she's probably still disappointed that her Mommy is such a dunce that she couldn't figure the message out.

There was no more noise after she showed herself in the window. My fierce little hero. She scared them away!

We headed back to bed. Well, I went back to bed while she jumped on my suitcase that's still on the floor.  It wasn't easy to go back to sleep. Between her kneading the suitcase and any peripheral noise, it took me forever to doze off again as I had so many thoughts buzzing through my head.

The most prominent thought was that I was going to find a dead body outside the door in the morning and the scratching noises were from that person desperately trying to get attention before expiring. Or, it could have been a vampire trying to get me to let it in. Although, I think it's more likely that it was the axe murderer trying to trick me into opening my front door in the dead of night.

Or, it could have been one of the neighborhood cats trying to say "hey" to George.


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