Missed It By *That* Much

I set a goal halfway through this year to average at least one blog post per day for every month. It didn’t matter what the post was. It could be a story, a book review, a picture. It was all about getting the frequency up.

I was doing pretty well until November. Between a week in Key West and coming back to 11 hour work days, I just didn’t have the energy to post a lot. Thank the gods for book reviews. I had a lot of those to get me close to my quota so I didn’t feel like a complete slacker.

Now, you may ask why, if I had time to read so much, why didn’t I have time to create original posts? Well, it all comes down to mental effort. It’s much easier to read a frothy book about vampires or werewolves than it is to try to put together an articulate and entertaining (hopefully) story for a post. It’s even easier to watch TV then to read so most November evenings found me vegging on the couch because I was too drained to do much else.

Hopefully, I’ll get back on track for December. Why it’s important to me, I don’t exactly know. I think at the time I set the goal it was a way for me to make sure I got original writing structured in to my schedule. Now, it’s just stubbornness. And, that’s nothing new in my world.


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