Fantasy Football - Weeks 9 and 10

I've been too dang busy to post much and too frustrated with football to even care. Many of my starters in both leagues were on a bye in week 9 and it showed. I lost both games. I totally kicked butt in the club league this week but lost a much needed game against the first place team in the work league.

Adrian Peterson - how could you fail me? Damn Viking.

To add to my injury issues, Cam Newton is banged up so I was considering starting my back up QB, Matt Schaub. Yeah, he's probably out for the rest of the year. I can't believe the NFL wants to add more games to the season. The players are dropping like flies this year.

I've lost all skill at Pick 'Em and have dropped to 4th in the club game but am hanging on to 2nd in the work game.


Jello Shot Prince said…
Thanks for putting a merciful end to my fantasy season. Damn you Michael Vick!
Cheesehead said…
Now you sound like me last year! That damn Vick!

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