Demon Cat Strikes Again

Apparently, George has been bored of late as she really had to go looking for something bad to do.

I got my new cell phone a year ago. The cord is just a tad short from the wall plug to my bedside table so I put an extension cord in the mix.

In the past few weeks, I could hear George gnawing on something in my room and I finally figured out what it was. There were two tags on the cord. One the big don't sue us if you're stupid warning and the other a little tag with I don't know what on it.

Why, after a year of it being there did she decide to chew on it? I have no idea but the chewing wasn't all that was going on. She also pulled the cord out of the socket. But, I didn't realize that right away.

I plugged in my phone late one night this weekend and the little lightening bolt didn't show it was charging. I tried reinserting the cord several times before I thought to trace it back to the wall.

After a "Godammit, George!", I went to the kitchen for a pair of scissors and cut the tags off. I thought it would be the end of that.

Nope. Last night, she was back at the cord again. Not chewing on it but batting at it. I'm pretty sure she was trying to unplug it. Does she really hate my cell phone that much that she doesn't want it to charge?


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