Peppers of Key West

There should be a city ordinance in Key West that you must visit Peppers during your stay on the island. It's just that fantastic!

What is Peppers? Well, it's a sauce and spice store with its own tasting bar. What you need to do is bring a 12 pack (or more) of beer with you when you go and you should share with the Peppers' employees. They'll let you store your beer in their fridge and you're going to want to drink it all because those sauces can get damn hot.

Tracy has the right idea - always keep a backup beer at Peppers.
They start you off with some mild yet interesting selections. Based on your response, they will either go hotter or more to the sweet or more to the BBQ. It really is catered to your tastes. We, despite some diversions, always end up with the super hot as our ultimate destination. So hot that they'll only give it to you on a toothpick and they're very specific as to where you should apply the toothpick to your tongue.

Tkay with the really hot stuff.
As you go through each sauce sample, you set aside the ones you really like. At the end of it all, your friendly Peppers peep will retrieve all of you favorites, box them up and ship them home for you. Oh, you do have to pay for them. They're worth every reasonably priced penny because they really do add a lot of flavor and variety to your cooking once you're home.

Yeah, some of them are that hot.
There's something for everyone there; it's not all hot stuff. They have some great spice rubs, some lovely dipping sauces and my favorite steak sauce of all time. It's called Ring Of Fire and it's full of flavor and spice but it won't burn your taste buds off.

The remains of our tasting.
It's really quite the party atmosphere. In addition to getting to taste a lot of product, you get jokes (and they can be really dirty if you ask), recipe and cooking ideas and wonderful memories.

How much fun? Well, check out their recycle bin. This is a party place!
I try to bring every Key West virgin there every year. It's partly because I want them to experience it but it's also because I just have a great time every visit.


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