Fantasy Football - Week 12

A tie is like kissing your sister. So, I've heard. I don't have one to kiss. But, Woody and I managed to tie in our club league game at 103 points. I still have a chance to make the playoffs but I think I need a win this week. Not bad for a record of 6-5-1. Kind of like the real NFL.

I had a nice win in the work league.My 7-5 record has me solely in 3rd place. If I can win and the 2nd place team loses, I think I have a bye in the first round of the playoffs.

A fairly good Pick 'Em week has me back up to third place in the club game and tied for 3rd in the work game. And, I think I had the high score (based on tie breakers) at work so I should be getting some dinero for that. Sweet!

Oh, but I have to whine about injuries. I picked up Kevin Smith from the Lions last week. Guess who went out in the first quarter with an injury? If that rat bastage could have run for 10 more yards before going out, I would have won my game.


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