Waiting For Jimmy*

The big question at every Meeting of the Minds is whether Jimmy Buffett will show up. Rumors abound, numerous JB sightings are reported and everyone follows up their hellos to friends with "So, do you think he's coming?"

This year the questions were even more prevalent as it was the 20th convention. How could Jimmy not show? Well, we've asked that same question in years past and he didn't even when I had it on good authority that he was scheduled to appear.

We really didn't have much time to speculate this year because the official word was out on Wednesday morning. JB was going to play at the Street Festival on Friday with Mac McAnnaly at 4 PM.

Some of our gang has a brunch that we have to go to on Friday morning so we send a few peeps to mark out our space in front of the stage. We don't try to get to the very front but we do get a nice spot for viewing and it's usually not so crowded that you can't get out to use the washroom.

Not so uncrowded this year. Once you got out, you weren't coming back.

The Coral Reefers started setting up on stage and, sure enough, there was The Man as promised. He said they weren't going to play anything written after 1975 and I don't think they did until the encore of It's Five O'Clock Somewhere.

James Buffett and his Coral Reefers

What a great show! Everyone on stage was having a good time and they sounded sharp. The crowd was really in to it. There were reports of uncool behavior here and there but I think that was to be expected with the amount of people jammed in to a small area.

I found out just how jammed it was when I realized that I was going to need the washroom soon and waiting in line at the end of the show was going to be too late. So, I headed off to Jack Flats to use their washroom.

It was brutal getting through the line. I kept telling people that I was leaving and not coming back and most folks were willing to let me squeeze by. And, squeeze it was. I had some pins on my lanyard and they got sheared off as I went past someone. Fortunately, someone picked them up for me.

I finished watching the show in the less crowded back which was fine with me. It was just nice to know that the dude who inspired all of this madness and goodness came to play for his fans.

*Waiting For Jimmy is by my pal, Rob Mehl, and was voted Trop Rock Song Of The Year on Friday night. Way to go, Rob!


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