Separation Anxiety

On the last day of our Meeting of the Minds trip in 2010, the Pirate Captain and I got into a little dustup. I said I missed my baby and couldn't wait to get home to see her. That sent him into a long speech about how she doesn't love me and only cares about her food and if her dish stayed full she wouldn't care if I was there or not.

Of course, he was very wrong.

Each time I come home from a trip, I walk around the corner to my front door and I can hear George crying on the inside. Seriously, it's the most pathetic meowing of all time. She doesn't do it when I come home from work, only when I've been gone overnight. And, for the record, her food dish is seldom empty.

Apparently, I've been gone too much of late because she was really affected by my last MOTM trip. Not only did she cry when I got home, she's been like white on rice with me since then.

I got home late Monday night last week and I wanted nothing more than to sleep. I gave her lovings and talked to her for a while but then I crashed. Not for long, though. I swear she woke me up every hour demanding to get under the covers to snuggle or to lie on top of me and purr. Of course, she requires me to pet her at the same time which I've learned to do in a semi-sleep state.

The demands for affection haven't stopped since then. Unless she's sleeping, she has to be by me or on me. Unfortunately for me, she doesn't sleep at night very much so as soon as I look like I'm half awake, she pounces. There's nothing like a cat licking your face to make sure you're completely awake at 2 AM.

The only thing that's saving me is that my two suitcases are still lying on the bedroom floor. She's adopted them as her cat beds so sometimes she misses my tossing and turning as she's doing her best to shed white hair over both of the suitcases. Seriously, the black one is now almost gray.

Fortunately, I think I'm homebound until the end of the year so I hope she calms down. Although, I must confess it's nice to know that someone misses me that much. She does love me, regardless of what the Pirate Captain says.


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