Fantasy Football - Week 11

I won in both my club and work leagues and my record in both is 6-5. Talk about consistent mediocrity. The good news is that I'm currently in 4th place in the work league and the top 6 make the playoffs. There's two weeks remaining in the regular season so I'm just hoping for wins so no one can move ahead of me.

Pick 'Em wasn't a horrible week but it wasn't great. I'm in 4th place in both leagues. Man, I wish I could get back up in the work game because that's where the money is. I mucked a pick two weeks ago and selected Indy by mistake and that margin is what's keeping me down. Bummer.

Oh, let's see who's injured. Between both teams: Adrian Peterson, Jay Cutler, Matt Schaub, Jahvid Best, Frank Gore, Fred Jackson, Greg Jennings and Deion Branch. That's not counting the guys I've already dropped for injuries. This has been a very unlucky year for me in that regard.

Two weeks of the regular season to go...


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