Because We Can

The Rocket Scientist and I went to Tucson for Happy Hour last night. Nothing like a 240 mile round trip to see your homies.

The only people who knew we were coming were Tkay and Russ. I would have told Norene but she surprised us at Margaritaville on Saturday with her daughter and son-in-law. I figured turn about was fair play.

It was a nice evening at The Bum Steer. I even won a raffle prize.

We're heading down there again next month for the club's Nueve de Mayo party so that will make three months in a row that we'll visit. We're staying overnight for that one, though.

Oh, and the Happy Hour broke up promptly at 8 like they always do down South. We went back to Russ and Tkay's for a post-Happy Hour drink on their back patio and still made it home before midnight.

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