Book Review - The House at Sugar Beach

The House at Sugar Beach: A Memoir The House at Sugar Beach: A Memoir by Helene Cooper

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This was a selection for our book club but I didn't get it read in time for our meeting. Too bad because I would have liked to have participated in the conversation.

This memoir is written by a woman descended from the premier founding families of Liberia. She was quite privileged and all around her were signs that the country was ripe for ruin that she was too young to notice. The initial coup was devastating to her family and friends. The following ones even more so.

Cooper moved to the US with her sister and Father and tried her best to leave Liberia, its issues and her issues behind her. However, an accident while reporting in Iraq led her to return to her birthplace and face her demons.

Besides the truly interesting personal issues, this book was a great source of information on Liberia and its history. Not the stuff that the mainstream media chooses to tell you so I didn't know much of it.

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