The Newest Appliance

I've had some domestic parts failures of late. Two lights in the bathroom, the wine cooler, the light bulb in the fridge and, finally, the dishwasher.

I managed to replace the bathroom lights without an issue and I started looking for a new wine cooler. My old one held 12 bottles which isn't quite enough so I wanted a bigger one. The Rocket Scientist found one for me at a pretty good price. Only problem - it was at Home Depot. Ugh.

I'm so not a Home Depot girl and it's not just because Lowe's sponsors Jimmie Johnson. I find the stores too rough and intimidating. Lowe's is cleaner and more inviting for some reason.

But, a deal is a deal so we headed off to Home Depot. The one he saw was actually on sale so it was a really, really good deal. But, there was this one thing...I wanted a better one. What I really wanted was a dual zone unit so I could let me reds age while keeping the whites nicely chilled. I know, it's hard to believe I could let a bottle of wine actually age but, maybe with the right cooler, I can!

We moved down the selections in the aisle and the prices and features just kept going higher and more involved. I finally stopped at a 48 bottle unit with dual zones. One zone holds 12 bottles and the other 36. That's perfect for my red to white ratio since I mostly drink white.

It was meant to be. TRS loaded it into the back of the Jeep and brought it home for me. Because he is TRS, he also unpacked it, set it up and took the packing material out to the recycle. He's a keeper.

It took less than an hour to chill so I moved my wine supply from the fridge to the new cooler. I also replaced the fridge light bulb and the two things together illuminated the fact that my fridge was alarmingly bereft of actual food items.

But, even more disturbing was how empty the new cooler looked even with my full supply of vino. I just had to hit BevMo! tonight for the last day of the Spring 5 Cent sale. I mean, it will run more efficiently if it's fully loaded right?

Not that I fully loaded it - it's still half empty. Room for more special finds to save and share later.

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