No Rest For The Weary

We have a bug making its way through our company. It knocks you on your butt for a few days and, if you're unlucky, makes you violently ill while it's doing it. Not nice.

At some point on Wednesday, I realized that not only did I have a splitting headache but my stomach also hurt. Not cramping or like I was going to throw up, just a dull ache. It got worse as the day went on and I even left a little early to go home and try to nap it off.

That would have been a brilliant idea if George had gotten the memo. Apparently, there's no napping around kitty in the evening. She mostly attacked my toes but also demanded pets and applied little bits to my hands if they were over the covers. If they were under the covers, they got pounced on.

I must have gotten some sleep because I opened my eyes and it was dark out. My head and stomach both still hurt. I watched a little TV then decided to take a sick day on Thursday if I wasn't feeling 100%. I have a big weekend ahead of me and, no lie, Thursday was the first non-vacation day since Jan. 23rd that I didn't have something on my calendar. That alone was a sign from the gods to take the day off.

Thursday morning arrived and both the headache and stomachache were still with me. I actually felt worse than I did Thursday so I called in to work and headed back to bed to read and sleep.

Napping during the day is acceptable behavior in cat world so George alternated between leaving me entirely alone or napping with me all day. That was nice.

I was just waking up from my afternoon doze when I heard someone trying to break into my front door. They pushed it open and it caught on the chain. That was followed by a "What the hell?"

Of all the days for Steven to pick to come work on the back yard weeds, it had to be yesterday.

There was no going back to sleep with him around. He putzed around with a weed wacker that's supposed to be unbreakable but seemed to broken then watched an episode of The Unusuals with me before he left. Weeds actually cut down? Zero.

He tried to pet George on his way out. She was enjoying the view from the top level of her kitty condo and she tried to bite him when he reached for her. Funny, she doesn't try to bite me but then I'm not always yelling at her and startling her with my big clown feet.

I went to bed at a reasonable time and set my alarm for 5:30 so I could get in early and make up some time today. Of course, that meant I was awake at 4:30 and then so was George. The good news is the headache is completely gone and my stomach tolerated both breakfast and lunch so I think I'm good.

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