But I Want A New Camera!

I couldn't find the charger for my camera battery. It wasn't in the usual spot, in any of the luggage I've used lately and not in the cupboard above the spot I plug it in to. Vanished!

I did a quick search online but didn't find my specific charger in the first two pages of Google results. That's a sign from the technology gods, right? That I just need to buy a new camera?

There was a little bit of "gee, you don't really need a new camera" thinking though. My current one has served me well despite being lugged around in my purse at all times. It's an Elph (Canon Power Shot SD500) and it takes great pictures still. However, it's been dropped a lot, is scratched up, has a smallish viewer and it's starting to pull apart in the middle.

And, it's not cute.

It's silver, bigger than the new ones and did I mention the scratches?

So, I decided I needed someone to tell me it was OK to get a new one. I IMd Sugar Daddy and asked, "Is losing my charger justification enough to buy a new camera?"

He said, "No."

WTF? This from the man who got me to buy a RAZR phone that I didn't really want because he found it in pink and he won't give me a new camera blessing. It was like my world turned upside down.

I explained that I couldn't find a charger online thinking that would convince him. I then went off to Best Buy's website to look at options.

They had a "Shop by color" option - genius! It's like they know me!

I didn't even get to click on it before SD came back with a charger on Amazon for $36. I responded with "$36!" thinking that might get him to come to my way of thinking. But, no. He found another one for $6.

Damn him.

So, I ordered the charger and the stupid thing actually works so I'm not getting a new camera. I want one but between the wine cooler and the dishwasher (still to be purchased) I'm going to hold off. I'll probably get one before I start heading out on vacations though. I can only use willpower so long.

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