On Wedding Dresses

I think it's the very rare girl who doesn't group in our society with fantastic dreams of her wedding and the centerpiece of those dreams is the dress. The gorgeous white and beaded gown with a huge train for the bride. The colorful, classy or horrible (face it, some brides pick those) dresses for the attendants and maid of honor.

It all starts with the dress. And, the dream is about the wedding, not the life after that. It's like the screen fades to black at the end of the reception leaving you with no view of the future.

Even the less romantic of us have thought about it. My girlfriend Cheryl and I amassed collections of bridal magazines with page corners turned down to mark our favorite dresses. We were buying those into our 20s despite having no groom prospects at all. It was just to enjoy the fantasy, I guess. Kind of like buying a lottery ticket because my odds are about the same in either arena.

I've long given up those dreams. Probably because I think more about the part after the screen fades. The thought of "til death do us part" gives me the heebie jeebies. I don't want any more kids so the need for a full family unit isn't there. And, I think I've just gotten set in my ways and enjoy my freedom.

If by some miracle, I found someone I wanted to grow old with and he actually felt the same (and knew that the proposal needed to be done on the big screen of a major sporting event), I think I'd be happy with renting a fun bus to Vegas for my friends and family and getting married at a drive-thru chapel by Elvis. Doesn't that sound fun?

So, I headed off to my friend Tracy's final wedding dress fitting thinking I wouldn't walk away with those wedding dreams reactivated. The place didn't have a lot of wedding dresses in it but they did have lots of attendants and Mom of the bride/groom and cocktail dresses. I checked some of those out but they mostly looked uncomfortably heavy and hot. Not what you want to wear in Arizona anyway.

Her dress is beautiful, very classy and she looks gorgeous in it. It didn't make me want a wedding, though.

But, the tiaras did! Oh my, there were so many of them and they were all so beautiful and sparkly. I love tiaras and I have a few but they're more kid like not something truly Princessy. While I have been known to wear them on road trips to Vegas, I don’t think I could get away with just wearing one around town. However, no one can question your "specialness" if you're wearing a tiara at your wedding. Short of a fancy ball (and I don't go to any of those), a wedding would probably be my only opportunity to wear one without generating comments.

As I perused them all, I couldn't help myself. I starting thinking about how I could wear my hair with each of them then that took me to what other jewelry I'd need then finally to what dress would complete the ensemble.

I guess it's ultimately still all about the dress.

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