Dishwasher, RIP

I'm not having the best of luck with appliances of late. First, my wine cooler bit the big one. Then, the light in the fridge either burned out or I somehow broke it. Haven't fixed that yet. This week, it's the dishwasher.

I ran a load early last week but didn't get around to emptying it for a few days. When I opened it up, the dishes were clean but the last of the rinse water hadn't drained out. I turned the dial several times and couldn't get anything to turn on. I also reset the cycle and turned the dial with the same (non)results. My next step was to check for a loose breaker but I didn't find one.

So, I did what any Princess would do and told The Rocket Scientist it was broken. We were pretty busy over the weekend so the plan was for me to bail the water and he would come check it out last night. In the meantime, I accumulated enough dirty dishes to fill both sinks so I actually had to wash by hand. Shocking, I know.

He came over with his tool bucket and a voltage reader and pulled the dishwasher out. The insulation blanket was being held on with two men's belts tied together. Nice. He also discovered George's first crackle ball toy under there. I had wondered where that was.

The outlet was getting power so it wasn't the breaker. He started disassembling the front panel and checking out wires and I don't know what else because it's so something I would never do. I was suitably impressed that he seemed to know exactly what he was doing but my interest waned after maybe five minutes. I announced I wasn't adding value by watching so I headed to the living room to watch the World Poker Tour.

What's all this, then?

George, however, continued to be amazed at TRS's every move. She sniffed out the tool bucket and tried a nibble on the metal ruler in there. Being on the floor didn't afford her a full view so jumped on the counter to get closer. If she could have stopped herself from getting startled and backing up at any sudden movements he made, I think she would have been in the dishwasher itself just to see what was going on.

Are you sure you know what you're doing?

After messing around with it for a while, TRS declared the dishwasher DOA. I'm guessing it was probably 20 years old so I'm not too surprised. I'm off to shop soon for a new one. And, I guess I'll have to hand wash dishes for a while. Oh, the horror!

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