A Night at the 'Yotes

I've been to two hockey games this season. Both ended with a tie, OT and shoot out. The Roadrunners lost but the Coyotes won last night. It was fun!

Sugar Daddy, Cindy, Cheryl and I decided to hit a Coyotes game and it turned out that our schedules only permitted last night which was the last game of the season. We played the Ducks and there was a Ducks fan right behind us. I know because she had a particularly shrill screaming voice. Annoying!

I was afraid I was horribly under dressed. I wore sandals, jeans, a tee and a denim shirt. It was raining as we got to the arena and I was chilled before we even hit the door. Fortunately, the seats are made for skinny (OK, maybe regular sized) people so between Sugar Daddy and the woman next to me, I was kept quite warm during the game because we were squeezed in.

There's often a small world story involved when I go out and last night was no exception. They were doing all sorts of giveaways (we got nothing btw). One of the games involved a guest pulling a handle that triggered a prize board on the big screen. We saw a few people go through the game when Sugar Daddy said, "That's Ahi!"

Ahi not as in tuna but as in his pseudo-nephew. He ended up winning a 32" flat screen. Nice! His sister, Ihi, got to go on the ice after the game and get a signed stick from one of the players. Nice for both of them! They do have longer names than those but they're Hawaiian with lots of vowels and I can't spell them.

Nice evening - too bad the Coyotes didn't make the playoffs. It would have been fun to catch one of those games, too.

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