Part of my 15 minutes...

The Arizona Parrot Heads have participated in the Salsa Challenge for years and years. I'm not even sure how many. I've been a member since 2000 and we were doing it then. Because we're so, ahem, colorful, they ask us to do some TV promo spots for the Challenge. We always say yes.

It's not just about being on TV though that is cool, the event benefits the Hemophilia Association which is why we're involved and happy to promote it. It's all about the Party with a Purpose for us.

I'm usually working when these gigs come up because they do the spots on the local morning shows. This year, I looked at my calendar and had no meetings, they only wanted us from 9 to 10 and it was at the Depot Cantina in Tempe which is at most 10 minutes from my office. Sweet - I got to participate!

Check out the segment. I had a speaking role, probably to no one's surprise. Somehow, Rick who showed up at nearly the last minute managed to gab, too. Also, to no one's surprise.

Somehow, the girls ended up chopping the salsa and the boys ended up drinking at the bar. Usually, I'm a bar fly but I had to go back to work. Dangnabit! The Depot Cantina manager did right by us and the shoot as he made up a huge Margarita, brought out plenty of Dos Equis and even made up some Bloody Marys. As I left, most of the gang was finishing off the booze. I took solace in my rule follower superiority but it wasn't much comfort. That Marg looked really, really good!

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