George's New Friend?

George loves to sit at the front screen door and check out who's going by the house. Not many people or creatures do so I would think it's pretty boring but she always appears to be fascinated.

She was in her usual place tonight when I heard some kitty crying. Bordering on wailing, actually. I ignored it for a bit but then I realized that it was way too loud for George to be making that noise so I investigated.

When I checked on her, she was pressed up to the screen door and peering intently outside. I walked over to see what was going on and saw a new cat on the other side of the door. New to me, anyway, as I've never seem him before. I assume it's a him because she's a girl and of course she would attract a boy.

He ran away when he saw me but he came back again when I walked away. They started dancing with each other on their separate sides of the screen. Maybe it was some sort of cat gang thing.

Of course, George, being the not very brave creature that she is, ran to the middle of the living room to hide from him until he left.

She's so not a social butterfly like her Mommy.

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