My Hero - Again

One of my co-workers came up to me on Thursday afternoon to tell me that I had a brake light not working. I emailed The Rocket Scientist and told him we (and, well, he) needed to fix it before our next outing with the gang and drinking excursion which was set for Friday. The last thing you want to do is give the cops an excuse to pull you over. He told me to swing by after work and he'd take care of it.

I got to his house and he asked which light it was. I said I thought it was the left but I really wasn't sure. He made me step on the brake and told me it was the right. Whatever. He told me to pop my trunk but I didn't know why. Then he started unscrewing something in there and it became clear - that's how you get to the lights!

I never actually gave it much thought and, what little I did, I thought the lens just popped off or something. It's good to learn things.

Oh, so that's how it works!

We headed off to Checker. He'd already looked up the part number for the bulb and knew right where to go in the store. I would have done it much differently. Assuming I got the bulb out, I would have just walked up to the clerk and, in my best dumb girl voice, said "I need one of these."

We all have our own styles.

The bulbs came in a two-pack and TRS opened the trunk and put the new bulb in. I suggested we test it in case it wasn't the bulb so I got in and hit the brake pedal. The right brake light came on but the left no longer worked. TRS was going to replace it anyway so it wasn't a big deal but funny that they both crapped out so near each other.

In no time at all, everything was all better. I even got to make a point that my trunk was still quite clean after having to empty it last year for flat tire #1. I'm actually surprised it's still in such good shape.

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