There are some shows that I miss very much and am looking for a replacement for. Lost is one of those shows. It wasn't perfect but it kept me from the first episode to the series finale. (Sorry, 24, I gave up.) So, when I heard that JJ Abrams of Lost fame was an executive producer of Alcatraz, I knew I had to give it a shot.

The Main Peeps From Alcatraz

For some reason, my DVR didn't capture the first two episodes on so I had to watch them online. I mentioned that on Facebook and someone asked me my opinion so far. My reply was that, "...even though he's old, I would do Sam Neil (sic)".  I'm not sure that's the opinion they were looking for but it was my initial impression. He's still hot for a guy who's old enough to be my father.

I've now watched the first five episodes and, while I won't say it's the next Lost for me, it's still intriguing and I like it. They've had some good guest stars (Hoyt!) and the plot is evolving.

For those that don't know, the short story is that almost all of the inmates and guards at Alcatraz disappeared in 1963 and they're now coming back. A secret government crew is working to track them down as they reappear but there's generally mayhem before they succeed. The stories are told with alternating flashbacks to 1960 (so far) and present day.

An added bonus is Jorge Garcia, Lost alumnus, as an Alcatraz expert with an apparently tragic past. Who doesn't love Hurley?


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