My New Bacon

Everyone knows that bacon is the best food ever. It's just that awesome. You can put it with shrimp, steak, salad, greens, even chocolate (though I haven't actually tried that) and it just makes thing better.

However, I've found a new favorite that might equal bacon. It's a hot Italian sausage that is made locally and that they're selling at Fry's.

I've put it in spaghetti sauce, cooked it with greens and pasta and eaten it on its own. Yummers!

Tonight, I tried something new and it was dee-licious.

I had some organic butternut squash to use so I improvised a recipe. One that didn't set my smoke alarm off, either, so score!

I started with some olive oil in a pan then cooked the ground sausage until it was brown. I then put in cut up squash (pieces that were about 3/4 by 1/2 inch) and a couple of dashes of Italian spice mix. I stirred it all up until the squash was fully coated with the spice and the grease from the sausage then put the lid on for 10 minutes at low heat. Another stirring then 5 more minutes and it was done. You wouldn't want to overcook it or the squash would get mushy.

It was really quite tasty. I would have taken a picture but I was really hungry so I just chowed down.


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