Super Bore Sunday

I have a confession to make. “Forgive me, football gods, for I have sinned...”

I didn’t watch one minute of the Super Bowl. Not the pre-game, not the game, not the half time show, not a single commercial.

Having neither affection nor antipathy for either team, I couldn’t summon the energy to care. I figured I could see all the commercials that people liked online afterwards so that wasn’t a draw. And, I guess Wayne Newton wasn’t available so they asked Madonna for halftime. Seriously, is there not one contemporary artist or group that they could find?

The closest I got to the game was when Crime Dog posted something about 9 and 0 being a good square so I went to to see who had the 9 and who had the 0. Alas, my 9 and 0 were the wrong way.

Based on my Facebook feed, the game was either a mess by the Patriots or a great game by the Giants. And, Madonna was either the best halftime show ever or just meh. There were only a few commercials that people talked about so I think don’t think I missed much there.

Here’s what I did instead. I was on call between 7 and 8 AM and then 10 to 1 PM for work. Oh, the joy. We had to do some electrical work and if our systems ran out of battery power, I was the designated “test to make sure everything is working” person.

After I got the free and clear from that, I waited around until game time to go to the grocery store. Man, it was nice and quiet there.

My Dad wanted me to come over for steak and the game but I didn't want to drive home with all the amateur drinkers on the road so I made my own steak dinner, emptied and loaded the dishwasher, cleared a few shows off the DVR then started a new book. I think I was in bed by 10 PM.

It wasn’t a very exciting day, I'll grant you. But, I enjoyed it nonetheless.


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