Cheaper Than Buying One at Petsmart

In my 2011 holiday letter, I wrote how I’ve been traveling so much that I don’t put my suitcases away anymore and that George is now using them as her cat beds.

I just spent six days in Calgary for work and the suitcase is still on the floor from when I got home on Friday night.

This is what I saw this morning when I went into my bedroom to finish getting dressed:

It's My Precious!
Unfortunately for George, I needed to get in the suitcase to get some work papers out. After desperately clinging to the top (claws extended and clamped on) she finally had to slide off as I lifted the lid. Not even the demon can fight gravity.

I laughed at her but she got the last word. As she was slinking away, she gave me a full claw swipe on my leg. Fortunately, I was already in my jeans or I think she would have drawn blood.

She’s either really attached to her “bed” or she’s really attached to me and has figured out the association of the suitcase being gone when I’m gone so she’s going to hang on to it for dear life.


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