The Finder

I'm a big fan of Bones so when show creator Hart Hanson said he had a new show, I was in. It's about a guy who has incredible skills for finding (hence the title). People, items, whatever. Once he's on the mission, he'll go until he finds what he's looking for or die trying. I know this because they keep harping on it.

Unfortunately, they did a pilot episode of sorts during a Bones episode and I didn't really like it. It just seemed to be try too hard to be clever yet came across as disjointed and Saffron Burrows as the British bartender didn't work at all. I almost didn't watch the show because of my first impression but Steven told me it was worth it.
The Main Cast of The Finder
Fortunately, they did some rebooting when they started the actual series. Michael Clarke Duncan is still on as Walter's lawyer (and also a bar owner) and they added a hot female FBI agent (like her) and an actual Gypsy teen on probation (still undecided on that character). Burrows' bartender is gone.

It also doesn't hurt that it takes place in Florida so I get to see some sights (or great imitations thereof) that I love so much. Can't wait for November to be down there again.

The only thing that's strange is that it feels like we were dropped in about two or three episodes into the series. There are comments about how the characters got together but I'm having a Firefly flashback to when I saw the episode of that show that was supposed to be shown first and I was all, "Ah, I get it now." I'm sure it will all come together.

A bonus was having our favorite Bones character, Dr. Sweets, who's played by John Frances Daily and who will always be Sam from Freaks and Geeks to me on the show. Loved him in the episode!

If you like mystery, quirky characters and clever dialog, check it out. I think you'll like it.


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