Does This Make Me A Nerd?

As part of our big Calgary project, we had to migrate their order data into our system. Our databases could not be more different so there's been a lot of spot testing of results.

I started today on comparing a full month's worth of data and ended up having to reconcile on an order by order basis. It was a lot of running queries, calculator work and looking at spreadsheets.

And, I liked it.

It was actually rewarding to have a concrete task like that. Interpreting their data (they count returns as orders!?!?), finding the discrepancies and ultimately tying out the numbers. That's stuff that I dig. It's just so satisfying to have all of the problems solved.

I think it harkens back to my days and actual beancounter where I did a lot of this every day:

Debits Must Equal Credits - Words To Live By
Would I ever want to go back to Accounting as a career? No frakking way. But, it was nice to revisit that world for a day. Now, if it turns into a week long visit, I'm going to be very unhappy.


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