All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

I usually wear jeans to work. In the winter, I top them with a sweater. In the summer, it's a plain tee-shirt. Basic and comfortable and I'm not looking to impress anyone.

Every once in a while, I'll wear a dress or a skirt just to keep them guessing. Because, an unusual dress up day means one thing in the corporate world - job interview!

Today, I wore a herring bone skirt, black tights, a short sleeve white sweater and dress loafers. Heels were too much. I knew that it would get a reaction and, sure enough, my boss asked me (in front of everyone) if I had a job interview today. I said, "Yes, and I'm leaving at 4."

The reality was that our CFO was speaking to a local professional organization and I was, along with a few co-workers, going to see him. I figured it would be prudent to dress nicely, especially since I knew he would.

The day turned out to be one of good news and bad news. Good in that I didn't have an interview because I would have had to cancel it. Bad because we had system issues and had to completely shut down and restart our main database.

So, I ended up being at the office for almost 10 hours, missed the presentation and was dressed up for no reason.

I did get some compliments so I got that going for me. I'd have given them all back if our damn hardware would persistently work.


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