A Bona Fide Miracle

Shortly after I bought my last Dell laptop a few years back, I spilled literally 3 drops of wine on it and killed the touchpad. The keyboard worked fine but the touchpad wouldn't respond to move the pointer nor would it work for left or right clicking.

I resigned myself to having to use a mouse which wasn't always convenient on a small table or airline tray.

Then, I got my MacBook Pro and the use of my Dell dramatically decreased. I still have iTunes on it and a lot of old photos and documents but, 99% of the time, if I'm on a computer at home, it's the Mac.

Because I have years of history with my tax software on my Dell, I fired it up to do this year's taxes. Without thinking, I ignored the mouse and realized several minutes into the process that the touchpad was fully functional again.

What the...?

Seriously, it hasn't worked in literally years because I would periodically try. Why it's now come back to life is beyond my simple understanding so it must be a miracle.

I wonder if I can start a Church of Dell and get a tax exemption for it?


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